Men’s health And The Issue Of Bro Pressure

Men's Health

When it comes to men’s health, there are different factors that can hinder the necessary progress that is needed. A man is basically a product of his environment, family and friends.

And these factors are so important that every man’s health is oftentimes affected by the influence that these group of factors hold over them.

As men there are certain habits that are part and parcel of everyday life. Habits like smoking and drinking that are so bad for our health profile that the best advice would be to stop indulging in any of them.

But it is easier said than done.

I started smoking weed in my university days and even though the feelings were right, it was more about indulging in an habit that was the norm among my group of close friends.

We were all smokers who had even propounded certain kinds of hedonistic philosophies around marijuana and the altered state of mind that comes with.

It was a lifestyle and still is a lifestyle that i find hard to abandon despite the increasing knowledge piling up on my mental plate when it comes to health issues.

Stopping such habits at this point in time is indirectly cutting myself from my friends, friends that are now the center of my existence.

This is the issue when it comes to men’s health, that renders it impossible for most men, the ability to quit certain unhealthy habits.

For a lot of men, it is not merely about quitting a certain unhealthy habit but letting go of the benefits and pleasures that comes with it. And in this instance, that would be bond and friendship.

I call it Bro Pressure!

There are things we love doing with our friends, pleasurable past times that are not in the least healthy.

And the truth is we know the issues, we know the source of most of our most persistent health issues but because there are tied to our buddies and the daily routine and habits we love, it is now impossible to reject.

A lot of us men are still into the habit of smoking because of friends. Because smoking has become the common bond and the trigger of past pleasurable memories.

We sometimes talk about quitting but then a friend comes around and our resolve falters. We stand before our mirror and then make affirmations of “I Quit”, and the power of affirmation fizzles out the moment we step into that familiar settings occupied by familiar faces.

The issue is no longer about the unhealthy habits but more about the Bro Pressure.

We want to stop but they wont let us. they are not pointing any gun to our heads but because we are afraid to loose out on friendship we allow our health to deteriorate with each passing day.

Take A Stand!

Yea! That is the way out.

Take a stand and stand by it. True friendship will remain even when we make certain fundamental changes like putting our health first.

We owe ourselves that much.

Make sure that your close circle of friends have a health consciousness so deep that when any of you refuses to smoke or drink, they would be the one to tap you on the back and say “that’s the spirit!” even though they are indulging at that very moment.

At the moment i rarely smoke when am all by myself. But when i go out with friends, i tell myself that indulging at this occasional moments will not kill me.

Talking of Bro Pressure, my group of friends don’t fancy drinking. We do more of smoking and for that reason alcohol is hardly a part of our menu.

So i am more of a smoker!

Another side to my friends and our social habit is that we smoke only marijuana and this was informed by the benefits to be derived from weed (though it was first because of the high) versus the many terrible side effects of smoking cigarettes.

So you see, the friends we follow can affect our health. And men’s health are heavily subjected to that fact.

Learn to control whatever influence your close friends have over you through shared habits and you would be on your way towards a more healthier lifestyle.

Conclusively, friendship and bro pressure is a serious health determinant when it comes to men’s health.

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