Health: Even A Little Amount Of Exercise Can Do Your Heart A Great Good

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk (Naturally Healthy)- A lot of people don’t like to exercise. A sedentary lifestyle has become their manifest destiny. But it doesn’t have to be hours in the gym to actually benefit your heart with some needed improvement. Just a little can really make a difference. “Our study in a large group of patients […]

Health: Even A Little Amount Of Exercise Can Do Your Heart A Great Good

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk (Naturally Healthy)- A lot of people don’t like to exercise. A sedentary lifestyle has become their manifest destiny. But it doesn’t have to be hours in the gym to actually benefit your heart with some needed improvement. Just a little can really make a difference.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy May Up the risk for childhood obesity

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk (Naturally Healthy)-When it comes to Pregnancies, mother’s and their babies, even the slightest error could affect the child in unexpected ways. According to a study blood pressure was associated with a 5 to 8 percent increase in the risk for childhood obesity, even among women who were not hypertensive. Chinese researchers studied 88,406 […]

Naturally Healthy: Air Pollution Increases Risk for Kidney Problems

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk (Naturally Healthy)-Air pollution is as common as bad roads in Nigeria and it can lead to some serious kidney issues, according to a study in U.S veterans. “Air pollution is a risk factor for kidney disease development,” Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly of the Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System in St. Louis, Missouri, […]

3 Cups Of Coffee Could Help Reduce The Mortality Risk Of HIV And HCV

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk When it comes to certain diseases, some lifestyle habits could be the life changing decision that beats down the odds for us. And it is no different for both HIV and HCV. According to the research published in the Journal of Hepatology, drinking at least three cups of coffee and not smoking daily […]

Health: When It Comes To Autism, Genes Has A Role To Play

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Inherited genes it seems contributes to about 83 percent of the risk of autism in children, according to a study. However, study author Sven Sandin cautioned that “our results do not give any information about specific genes or other direct causes. It only informs us that genes are important.” Sandin, an assistant professor […]

Naturally Healthy: Sleep Deprivation Is A Threat Worth Looking Into

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk It is not at all naturally healthy when we forget to log those eight hours at night. For many people its that way of life only through which they can make their busy schedules meet the required deadlines. But its not really worth it. A lack of sleep has been linked to a […]

Health: Smoking While Pregnant can Lead To Childhood Obesity

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​Children born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy are more likely to be overweight or obese than if the mother did not according to research from the University of Aberdeen.

The data were gathered using the Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (AMND) – a repository unique to Aberdeen, that holds data on all births at the maternity hospital since the mid 1950’s. 

Health: The New Super Malaria Could Become A Global Threat

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A new form of malaria that is resistant to today’s standard treatment, currently being referred to as “Super Malaria,” has broken out in Southern Vietnam.

And scientists are warning the public that the rapid spread of “Super Malaria” in Southeast Asia could pose a global threat. 

Sleep Deprivation And The Positive Effect On Depression

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​Sleep deprivation according to a study when administered in controlled settings — may rapidly reduce symptoms of depression.

The first review on the subject in nearly 30 years, by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the US, hopes to provide relief for the estimated 16.1 million adults who experienced a major depressive episode in 2014.

For Elderly Women, Belly Fat Means Higher Risk For Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural Health Blog. Researchers who followed nearly 5,900 Danish postmenopausal women for up to 12 years were able to discover that abdominal fat was a bigger factor than body weight when it came to the risk of lung and gastrointestinal cancers. In other words, excess belly fat increases older women’s risk of some […]

High And Low Levels Of Magnesium Linked To Dementia

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural Health Blog: according to a dutch report, having magnesium levels that are too high or too low may put you at risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. “At this moment, magnesium levels are not routinely measured in daily clinical practice,” said lead researcher Dr. Brenda Kieboom, of Erasmus University Medical Center in […]

Are You HIV Positive? Smoking Increases Your Chances Of Dying Of Lung Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Smokers who are HIV positive, who consistently take their antiretroviral medications may be far more likely to die of lung cancer than of AIDS, according to a U.S. study. “Today, the number one killer of people with HIV on treatment in the U.S. is not the virus, it’s smoking,” said lead study author […]

According To Study Four In Five Women Can’t Orgasm From Penetrative Sex

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A study from the United States has revealed four in five women — 81.6 per cent, to be precise — actually don’t orgasm from penetrative sex. The research, conducted by Indiana University’s School of Public Health and published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy   aimed to fill the gap between public understanding […]

Pregnant Mum Drinking Tap Water Could Lead To Lower IQ In Kids

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A new study suggests that prenatal exposure to this chemical may affect cognitive abilities and that children born to mothers exposed to high amounts of fluoride could have lower IQs. Tap water contains flouride and that is the issue. What the study is actually saying in summary is that as a pregnant mother fluoride is bad […]

Africa to get state-of-art HIV drugs for $75 a year

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk In the fight against the epidemic known as HIV, more and more people should be allowed to have better treatment. And according to news reports Africa will be getting a power HIV drugs used by the rich and developed countries for as low as $75 per patient a year. As Bill Gates’ charitable […]

Scientists Creates New Antibody That Can Attack 99% Of HIV Strains

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A collaborative work between the US National Institutes of Health and the pharmaceutical company Sanofi has brought together scientists who have managed to engineer an antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains and can prevent infection in primates. According to The International Aids Society said it was an “exciting breakthrough” and human trials […]

Are You Pregnant? Endometriosis Can Lead To Miscarriage

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Researchers from the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University in the U.S. were able to prove  that endometriosis was associated with the birth of infants who were small for their gestational age. According to the study, expecting mothers who are suffering from endometriosis were more at a greater risk of complications […]

Beer Can Help Relief Constipation

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk When you become constipated , you naturally seek out a working solution and that road can lead to new findings revealing how beer can help relief constipation . But is there any relationship between the two? These are the facts listed below and I hope it gets you educated like the average alcoholic […]

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