Nigerian Pepper Soup Weight Loss Diet

There is actually a meal called Nigerian Pepper Soup Weight Loss Diet.

And like the name implies, it is a  loss diet that is made of peppers and other ingredients with weight loss being part of its many health benefits.

One thing about Nigerian pepper soup is that there is hardly any need to be afraid of unhealthy fats or too much calories as part of its makeup.

It is that that speaks for itself. You take a look at it and you know its exact health profile.

A typical peper soup is made up of

  • Water
  • Fresh Peppers
  • Fish or Meat
  • Onions
  • Scent Leaf
  • Herbal Spices
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Bay Leaf

Nigerian pepper soup weight loss diet,

The items make up of a Nigerian pepper soup  diet shows that it is basically a healthy soup.

  • The water content helps to fill up the stomach
  • The pepper content would increase you metabolic rate.
  • The Fish and meat would bring proteins and other nutrients to the mix. Plus its size would help you stay full.
  • Then the garlic, ginger, scent leaf, onions and bay leaf would make sure that every sip is an healthy boost to your immune system.

This Nigerian weight loss diet can come in different form. Some with Yam or served with rice.

Personally I like pepper soup and rice but with enough water content and lump of meats or fishes it can be filling by itself.

So what is your favorite Nigerian pepper soup weight loss diet? Is it with the yam, rice, plantains or just by itself.


For a very strict weight loss usage. Go for just the pepper soup.

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