8 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Water

November 28, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 1

A lot of people are still ignorant of the side effects of drinking too much water. 

We are all occupied with the thoughts of this and that health benefits to be derived from drinking water that we are now drinking way too much.

But like all things else, too much of anything is bad.

11 Side Effects Of Not Drinking Water Enough

November 27, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 1

With this one we shall be talking about the side effects of not drinking water enough.

A lot of people are now so deeply into the habit of skipping water, it is not the no.1 on their liquid preference list even though its the most important and most healthy.

2 Natural Ways To Be Healthy (active and hygiene)

November 27, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 0

Yesterday I talked about 2 natural ways to be healthy and on that article the focus was on sleep and water.
Two essential commodities that humanity is sadly not getting enough of, and which when acquired in its deserve measures are two of the most amazing natural ways to be healthy.

2 Amazing Natural Ways To Be Healthy

November 25, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 1

2 Natural Ways To Be Healthy

There are various natural ways to be healthy, ways that would certainly reduce that bulging waist size, drop the sugar levels and make sure that the various organs in your body are at their best. The whole idea behind being healthy the natural way, is that you get to be healthy without adding more health problems on your plate along the way.

What Is Type 1 Diabetes?

November 9, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 0

What is type 1 diabetes? For most people, it is the opposite of type 2 diabetes.

The problem with that definition is that it is lacking some crucial points and that is what this post is all about.


What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

November 9, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 1

For informational reasons we shall be tackling the question WHAT IS TYPE 2 DIABETES?

Most people are aware of the disease but know little about it nor can they propertlly give an answer to that question.

Today we shall be asking and answering the question What is type 2 diabetes and I hope you learn a thing or two.

Lose Weight Naturally As A Nigerian

November 6, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 0

As a Nigerian you can lose weight naturally by implementing a simple change of lifestyle.

A lot of Nigerians like meat, saturated fats and sugar and that fact will remain undisputed for a very long time.

But it is also a sad fact that a lot of Nigerians are becoming more and more sick as a people and as a nation.

7 Healthy Natural Sweeteners

November 5, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 0

We all love sweet things but nothing can compare to healthy natural sweeteners that promises our health less problem.

Unlike refine sugars that are bad for our health and which unfortunately increases the odds for high blood pressure, heart diseases, weight gains and cavities, these healthy natural sweeteners promises to do the opposite.

naturally healthy world

A Naturally Healthy World, A Necessary Priority

November 3, 2017 Felix Brambaifa 0

Building a naturally healthy world is not at all a necessary priority for majority of persons in the world today.

But that is the only way forward for a world that has become as unhealthy as an obese person who just can’t let go of pork meat and sweet beverages.

Despite the world’s best attempt to raise the standard of living, materially and health wise, for everyone everywhere.

The sad truth still remains, that the world is becoming more and more unhealthy with each passing day.