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Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Health blogs in Nigeria is without mincing words one of the hardest blogging genre there is. And I believe the only way we can make it, especially with the many high authority health blogs internationally, is when we come together. Together we can form health blogs in Nigeria SEO group, through which issues […]

Exposure To Air Pollution Linked To Bad Behaviours Among Teens

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Air pollution is every where, no one is immune to it. But it seems there is more to this health hazard than we know. According to a new research air pollution might be fueling teenage delinquency. US scientists have found a link between exposure to higher levels of sooty particles from vehicle exhausts […]

Bitter Leaf Water And Diabetes Guide

bitter leaf water and diabetes

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk In our effort to continue with a natural diabetes cure, we shall be making a post on bitter leaf water and diabetes guide. Through this guide the whole idea would be about how to extract the bitter leaf juice or water. A lot of people are of the opinion that when it comes […]

Natural Health News: 16 Facts About Malaria 

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural Health News-Malaria Facts Today on our natural health news segment we shall be talking about malaria and its various facts. The whole idea is to teach those in need of such simple facts. After all no knowledge is to be considered a waste of time. To achieve our aim, we shall be […]

Natural Health News: Monkey Pox, The Facts

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural Health News-The sudden appearance of Monkey pox, made a lot of Nigerians victims of unwarranted fear, as many were almost certain that another dangerous epidemic  was on loose. But thanks to the heavens that issues of monkey pox are no longer the captions of our daily tabloids and social media life. But […]

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