Types Of Scent Leaves

There are different types of scent leaves, even though people are ignorant of that fact.

Scent leaves are all known as Basil, great basil or Saint-Joseph’s-wort. A culinary herb of the family
Lamiaceae (mints).

Basil is native to tropical regions from central to Southeast Asia . It is a tender plant, and is used in
cuisines worldwide. Depending on the species and cultivar, the leaves may taste somewhat like anise , with a strong, pungent, often sweet smell.

Even though there are different types of scent leaves, the type used commonly as a flavor is typically called sweet basil (or
Genovese basil), as opposed to Thai basil ( O. basilicum var. thyrsiflora ),
lemon basil ( O. × citriodorum), and
holy basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum).

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So what are the different types of scent leaves?

Types of Scent Leaves

All true basils are species of the genus Ocimum. The genus is particularly diverse, and includes annuals , non-woody
perennials and shrubs native to Africa and other tropical and subtropical regions of the Old and New World .

Types of scent leaves,

Ocimum basilicum cultivars

  • Sweet basil O. basilicum
  • Lettuce leaf basil O. basilicum ‘Lettuce Leaf’
  • Mammoth basil O. basilicum ‘Mammoth’
  • Genovese basil O. basilicum ‘Genovese Gigante’
  • Nufar basil O. basilicum ‘Nufar F1’
  • Spicy globe basil O. basilicum ‘Spicy Globe’
  • Greek Yevani basil O. basilicum ‘Greek Yevani’
  • Fino verde basil O. basilicum piccolo
  • Boxwood basil O. basilicum ‘Boxwood’
  • Purple ruffles basil O. basilicum ‘Purple Ruffles’
  • Magical Michael O. basilicum ‘Magical Michael’
  • Dark opal basil O. basilicum ‘Purpurascens’
  • Red rubin basil O. basilicum ‘Red Rubin’
  • Osmin purple basil O. basilicum ‘Osmin Purple’
  • Cuban basil O. basilicum
  • Thai basil O. basilicum var. thyrsiflorum
  • ‘Siam Queen’ O. basilicum var. thyrsiflorum ‘Siam Queen’
  • Cinnamon basil O. basilicum ‘Cinnamon’
  • Licorice basil O. basilicum ‘Licorice’
  • Mrs. Burns lemon basil O. basilicum var.
    citriodora ‘Mrs. Burns’

Ocimum americanum (formerly known as
O. canum ) cultivars

  • Lemon basil O. americanum
  • Lime basil O. americanum

Ocimum ×citriodorum cultivars

  • Greek column basil O. ×citriodorum ‘Lesbos’
  • Thai lemon basil O. ×citriodorum



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