Diabetes: I Come From A Family of Diabetics

Diabetes: I Come From A Family of Diabetics

People the world over are defined by the bloodline they fall into. The blood they carry in their veins to a very large extent will determine their health profile, and whether it is for good or for bad is a story for another day. Today we shall be focused on what or rather how it feels like to come from a family of diabetics.

When you look at my family members in general, you would easily pin point the basic similarity that we all share.

Which is a large body fat percentage! Or a large body structure!

Which is a beautiful thing. You see us, and our thick build instantly impresses you. For most people, they instantly subscribe to the idea that we might be body builders.

But like every thing else in life, there is always an underlying reason to be afraid. And in this case, it is the excess fat that comes with our innate ability to convert every meal into adipose tissue.

You see that fat that I talked about?

Yep! That fat!

That fat is the reason why we are now very cautious about what we put on our plate and rightly so.

I became fearful when I realized that I have had more family members die of diabetes than any other disease.

I had to start looking into it.

And what I discovered was that, body fat is a precursor for diabetes. And that body fat is that family trait that is now with an agenda to cause us health issues unless we control its spread.

So the question has been, “how do I control this body fat?”


Through dieting in a healthy way, not the kind that has forced many healthy people into the unsafe region of anorexia and under nutrition.

I have since come to realize that when it comes to fat reduction, the most important method is not even exercising, even though it is helpful. The sure route to take is to eat less and less of certain foods.

And the two culprits I have discovered to be the actual source of our swollen faces in my family are REFINED SUGARS AND EXCESS CARBOHYDRATES (ESPECIALLY REFINED CABOHYDRATES).

In fact, carbohydrate is so greatly abused that it is hard for any Nigerian to be guilty free in this regard. Carbohydrate is the bulk of what we eat in this part of the world.

Almost all of our favorite dishes if not all are carbohydrate based.

Little wonder that as a people we are all victims to the different illnesses that too much carbohydrate is known to be responsible for,

Diabetes is one of them!

The second culprit is sugar, and as a man I think it is very wrong to allow sugar into whatever we eat.

No matter the reason, sugar is that one thing that we must try to completely cut off. Unlike refined carbohydrates that can be tolerated in small doses and on calculated occasions, sugar is the real devil that must be cast out from our meals.

Sugar and carbohydrates are the two culprits that I like throwing at the faces of fat people (majority of which are family members) like myself.

And I tell you with certainty that simply reducing the amount of sugar and carbohydrates you take in, on a daily basis can really make all the difference you need in your fight against diabetes and body fat.

It is a method that hardly fails.

One, that I am currently using and the results are so obvious that people are beginning to ask questions.

I am rooting for this method because it works. Just like my personal experience with castor oil and how it helped me handled a bad case of constipation and anal fissure.

If you are afraid of diabetes like I am, then start by fighting off every unneeded body fat by cutting out refined sugars and carbohydrates.

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