Ab Implants Is Easy But Not Worth It

  • What is ab implants? Abdominal or Ab implants surgery is a cosmetic procedure that uses silicone implants to create the appearance of defined abdominal muscles. Patients can choose from either six or eight implants to create the “six-pack” or “eight-pack” look.

Ab implants is a thing in the beauty and fitness industry. And people are waking up to its existence with desire to get their own procedures done.

We all know that those with abs are one of the biggest players in the aesthetic department in the sexual market of today.

People want to look fit and be fit but it is a goal that is way harder than it sounds. Gym time is not the most pleasurable or rather suitable for most busy people.

And alternatives are greatly desired no matter how strange or dangerous it would turn out to be.

And Ab implants is one new method that many people are now depending on to get that right abdominal beauty of their dreams.

The rush does not reflect the possibility that the procedure might come with some serious side effects. People who can afford it are just plying that route all because of the reported experience and success of a particular plastic surgeon.

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So What is Abs or 6-Packs?

“Abs” refers to the rectus abdominis, which is a segmented muscle located on the front of your abdomen between your lower ribs and pelvis. It’s what comprises a six-pack.

And it is not the same thing as your core. Your core includes your abs and every other muscle between your hips and your trapezius (excluding your chest and upper back).

So make sure you try to go beyond just your abs when in the gym, so as to build a strong core your six packs can rely on.

By training and sculpting our abs to get a six packs, we subconsciously want to attract people with it.

A well sculpted six packs is a sexual statement, saying: ” I am fit and possibly have the best gene to pass on to your children”.

So what are the benefits of having a six pack apart from the obvious reason of sex appeal?

  • It will keep you fit and healthy. To maintain a sculpted six packs means a constant visit to the gym. It serves as a serious motivation. And its presence says you have less body fat on your frame which is a good thing. As fat is a known killer and bringer of all kinds of diseases.
  • It’s impossible to get six pack abs without a low level of abdominal fat. And this in itself would help you get a slimmer waist line. Having a slim waistline will lower your risk of type 2 diabetes , heart disease , cancer , and countless other illnesses.
  • It would make you an attractive person. Thus the sex appeal I mentioned earlier on, in this same post. It’s hardwired into women’s DNA to be attracted to lean, muscular men with six pack abs.
  • It teaches you about the whole process of weight loss. You get to know what works and what doesn’t. And this knowledge would give you an edge when it comes to fitness in general. By getting a six pack you get to know the truth about its creation. That it is not about just exercises and dieting. It is rather about getting lean. You would have realized that less fat is equal to a visible six pack.
  • It would increase your conference level. Firstly, it would improve your postures and make you appear more masculine. Secondly, it would make you look beautiful when naked. Which also boosts confidence.
  • Trying to get a six pack or maintain one can also help boost testosterone levels. To get your abs to show, one must first have to loose weight. And it has been proven that losing weight helps with testosterone increase.

The benefits are many and are among the reasons compelling people to go get a six pack or book an appointment for Ab implants consultation.

Not everyone can workout their abs to become visible. Even those who manage to loose weight still can’t get their effort to that level because of their genetic makeup.

And this is where Ab implants come in. A plastic surgery procedure that promises to give you abs instantaneously.

So What Is Ab Implants?

Ab implantsThis is the core of our post. And this particular information is what I want to make a general knowledge.

So that people know there is an alternative, that is asking just for their willingness and money to fund the procedure. And right there and then, their dreams would be made manifest.

Abdominal or Ab implants surgery is a cosmetic procedure that uses silicone implants to create the appearance of defined abdominal muscles. Patients can choose from either six or eight implants to create the “six-pack” or “eight-pack” look.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz was the first to create and name the technique in the early 1990s, but Dr. Husain’s team extended the abdominal etching technique to include “love handle” and back-fat etching.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Small well hidden incisions are made at the belly button, in which the surgeon can place six to eight carefully sculpted individual implants. The implants, which lie over the muscle, are designed to conform to the muscle and be flexible enough to move with bodily activity, while also feeling natural to the touch.

After the surgery, you will be sent home wearing a compression garment to help with healing.

It is recommended that, following abdominal implant surgery, patients must take some time off from work and other responsibilities to rest and heal. At least waiting 4-6 weeks before resuming vigorous exercises.

It should be noted that there are some risks associated with Ab implants.

Risks associated with abdominal implants can include anesthesia complications, bleeding, infection, unfavorable scarring, and a poor aesthetic outcome.

So let’s imagine that you go through with the procedure. And then months later you start gaining serious body fat.

Don’t think Ab implants would be able to fight that kind of attack.

In such a situation, it should be expected that any significant change in the body can potentially change the appearance of permanent implants like abdominal implants.

However, gaining weight after implants does not pose a danger to patients.

And it is better to be in good shape before attempting the procedure as that would make the whole procedure more easier and natural.

According to Dr. Hussain. “It’s someone who works out two or three times weekly, nothing crazy but keeps a lifestyle where they exercise and watch their nutrition,” he said. “Nothing extreme, but [they] also don’t go off the deep end with eating 10 cheeseburgers a day.”

Ab Implants Cost

Big Brother’s Darryn Lyons is among those already benefiting from six packs surgery and according to him.

Ab Implants“I had contouring done to my body,”

“Basically it’s the male version of a boob job,” said Lyons.

“That’ll cost you between £4,000 and £9,000,” says Marco Moraci, a cosmetic surgeon at the Harley medical group, who reckons Lyons underwent a procedure known as vaser liposuction.

At this point it is important to note that we are trying to get an idea of how much it cost to change the aesthetic beauty of a man’s abdominal section.

According to Dr. Husain, who together with his team developed an updated version of a cosmetic procedure called abdominal etching. The procedure from start to finish, costs between $6,000 and $8,000,

If you are among the very few out there that can actually on ab implants then this post was written with you in mind. Hope the post provided the least value?

Ab Implant Does Not Make You Healthy

Laziness is not a valid excuse to boycott visiting the gym and spending the right amount of time and resources in getting the fitness we deserve.

It is true that many people are now becoming more aware of ab implants and the temptation to get theirs done is stronger than the will to pay through sweat and dieting.

If you are among this class of people, it is important to point out that getting your stomach sculpted through this means does not make you healthy or fit.

In fact it does not look naturally healthy.

I tell people who care to listen that the best way to get in shape or become fit is to create a work out plan that is targeted at building more muscle mass while reducing fat at the same time.

And this principle holds true for getting six packs as well.

To get six packs or abs, one must have to loose body fat. And that is the start and finish of the matter. There is no way you can get six packs without loosing those extra pounds of body fat.

And this is what abs implants is all about. A procedure that skips the fundamental stage of body exercise in looking fit. You look fit but you are not actually fit.

It is a different case when a person gets a six pack implants and still maintains a rigorous exercise regime but then, there is no need for the implant with such strict gym roster because that is all that is needed to get abs in the first place.

If you want abs then you must have to loose weight in the most natural way rather than through the obnoxious idea of abs implants.

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