Is Castor Oil Good For Constipation?

Is Castor Oil Good For Constipation?

  • Is castor oil good for constipation? castor oil is a stimulant laxative that contains ricinoleic acid. This acid bind to receptors on the smooth muscle cells of the intestinal walls. Causing the muscles to contract and push out stool.

Is castor oil good for constipation? Was the urgent question I wanted my mother to help me with. I have had bad experiences before with constipation and the anal fissure, that follows when force is used in relaxing the lockdown. And I wasn’t ready to go through with another painful bout with a condition that is truly frightening.

It was the word of mouth that had me chasing answers. Before then i was among the naysayers, not until the terrible moment of both anal pain and bowel discomfort saw me running through the different lists of natural ways to soothe the discomfort and pains. A naturally healthy stool softener.

And that was when Castor oil turned me into a believer. That was when I realized that castor oil is truly good for constipation relief.

So i am now here to tell you what i know based on my experience with the wonders of castor oil when it comes to constipation as a home remedy that does actually work.

I actually wrote an article on this matter last year. It was my first time using castor oil for constipation and the relief it brought was like a much needed miracle, when it looked as if nothing could help appease the nightmare.

I was going through weeks of acute anal fissure, it was really terrible. And then i heard about the healing relationship between castor oil and constipation.

We are now in 2020 and i am writing this particular post on castor oil not for the first time but for the second time, but this time around it is all about telling you that it works every time. I have used it multiple times and each time i did, it worked.

And i am actually recommending castor oil for those moments when constipation become the hurdle, so difficult to jump across. This oil will help you do just that with a natural ease.

Take it first thing in the morning. Take two table spoonful of the oil on an empty stomach. And just wait for it to start working.

In no time it will start upsetting your stomach (in my own case it did not take up to an hour). Your stomach will start churning like a cement mixer and before you know it, the need to visit the toilet will come calling.

Your stool will be watery and soft. It will come out without much effort on your part. And you see that terrible anal fissure?

You will feel very little of that pain, even as you are defecating. All thanks to the watery nature of the waste product you would now be passing out.

But my advice is, do not be in a hurry to visit the toilet immediately after taking it or immediately when your start experiencing strong bowel movements.

Give it more time to work it’s wonders, that way when you finally visit the toilet, what you will pass out would be a watery stool that would make you thank God for “Anal Mercies”

It works!

Personally, it is the best and most effective among the many natural stool softeners that i have read about and that I have tried out. The castor oil is good for constipation, one that experience has shown me truly works.

My battle with constipation was settled the moment i made cold pressed castor oil the first weapon of choice. Despite the fact that i was having a bad case of anal fissure.

In other words, castor oil would help you not just through the constipation but make irrelevant the obvious damage that would have been the case with a bad anal passage.

As i experiment with other natural stool softeners i will make sure to keep all of you updated. i have heard about the wonders of scent leaf in this regard and would be writing about that in the near future.

As to whether it works, yes it does.

And if you would like to use the exact Castor Oil that saw me through my own moment of anal pains, then by all means click the link above and try it out, but castor oil in general (i brought mine at a pharmacy) should do the magic.

I hope this post on castor oil and constipation was helpful? I hope it brings you relief.

Facts About Castor Oil And Constipation

Over here on Naturally Healthy Talk we try as much as possible to always back up posts on this blog with facts from authoritative sources like a medical research or study.

And that is why we shall be moving forward with this post with more evidence even though my personal experience has shown that it works. There is actually nothing more rewarding than a health claim that actually have studies backing it up.

And that is how we like it on this blog!

It seems castor oil for constipation is a known constipation treatment. Which is also used for cleaning out the intestines before a bowel examination/surgery. The oil is actually referred to as a stimulant laxative. That increases the movement of the intestines in order to help the stool to come out. 1

Researchers has pointed to the fact that castor oil as a stimulant laxative that contains ricinoleic acid, which is the main fatty acid in the oil. What this acid does is to simply bind to receptors on the smooth muscle cells of the intestinal walls. Causing the muscles to contract and push out stool.

It has being shown that castor oil decreases straining during defecation and feeling of complete evacuation after a bowel movement, thus decreasing symptoms of constipation.

The study was carried out in Manisa, Turkey, and was aimed at studying the effect of castor oil on constipation in the elderly. 2

Causes of Constipation

The cause of constipation is often tied to diet and it is a sign that you are not getting enough water and fiber which then leads to a hard and dry stool. That just can’t seem to pass through.

But there is another angle to constipation. It can also he as a side effect of certain medication which includes:

  • antacids
  • antiseizure drugs
  • drugs that lower blood pressure
  • iron supplements
  • narcotic pain relievers
  • sedatives
  • some antidepressants

But still in the health zone, constipilation could also be as a result of certain medical conditions like:

  • narrowing of the colon
  • colon cancer
  • other tumors of the intestines
  • conditions that affect the muscles in the intestines, like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke
  • diabetes
  • an underactive thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism

For pregnant women constipation may be as a result of hormonal changes. While for the elderly, constipation is due to slow bowel movements caused by age. 3

So its castor oil good for constipation? Yes!

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