Using Black Tea For Weight Loss

How To Use Black Tea For Weight Loss

  • To successfully use black tea for weight loss, it is important to combine it with body exercises, intermittent fasting or any other form of dieting protocol.
  • Black tea help improve cholesterol levels in individuals at risk of heart disease or obesity.
  • Black tea can help reduce blood sugar levels and improve how the body metabolize sugar.

Many people are already aware that drinking black tea is another cheap but effective weight loss drink worthy of staying on the list of substances that can help us burn fat.

And because of this awareness, I decided to make the post about Lipton black tea and weight loss and the associated benefits. Which you can check out.

Growing fat and then loosing all the unwanted weight is a process that I have been in and out on various occasions and black tea has played a significant role in that whole process.

And I am here to share how I normally incorporate black tea in my fat burning routines.

It is true that this particular tea does not carry the same fame like green tea does nor does it match the hype when it comes to the awareness raised on the efficacy of loosing weight using apple cider vinegar.

But it is also a valid fat burning machine. And I use it every time. And the consistency is tied not just to its ability to get the job done but also because it is very cheap.

1. It Must Be Combined With Something Else

People make the mistake of thinking that drinking black tea for weight loss is a simple process of just drinking more cups of tea and it gets to work wonders in no time.


Be it black tea or any other weight loss tips or substance. The undeniable fact remains, that using them and not doing anything else to aid the process is a sure sign that it would fail.

Be it a sleeping or feeding pattern, unless it is combined with other weight loss tips and procedures. The chances of it working is greatly reduced.

And this is the beginning of how I go about loosing weight with black tea as the major weight loss substance to be consumed.

I list out the other weight loss tips that would be creating a tag team together with black tea. And I create a time frame for the whole process.

What I see people do is that they starting drinking way too much black tea or any other weight loss substance without making other important dietary or lifestyle changes.

And by so doing, set themselves up to fail even before they start.

No weight loss is going to happen unless we make some drastic changes and not just on a temporary level.

I mean permanent change.

2. Dietary Change

Personally on a default level. I don’t indulge in the following:

  • Eating Sugar
  • Eating Too Much Carbs
  • Frequent Meals

And it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. I just don’t eat sugars, I calculate my carbohydrates intakes, making sure it is on the lesser side.

And despite my love for foods, I no longer eat anyhow. I follow an intermittent fasting protocol on a daily, without fail (except on my cheat days, which is basically a day that I get to eat whatever I like, without any limits).

So you see!

Even before I think of picking up a jar of black tea for some of its fat burning effect. My lifestyle is already configured to make loosing weight an easy thing.

It still baffles me that many people are still believing the lie that loosing weight is about getting the right weight loss substance.

Truth be told, the diet we take in is the first step to either loosing weight or even gaining more weight.

So it is the first area that we must tackle.

The reason why we are overweight at any given time is because we over ate and consequently became over weight.

To reverse the condition, we have to do the opposite of what we did that got us fat in the first place. Which is simply to cut down on the portion size while learning to eat clean and healthy foods.

And this is what I normally do. When the holiday is over and the weight gain has crept on my frame. I start eating clean again, infrequently.

And when I add black tea into the mix, it works faster because I am already dieting.

Which means on the weight loss journey, I am already using black tea and dieting in combination with each other. Thereby enhancing their individual effectiveness.

Black tea for weight loss

3. Intermittent Fasting

In the above paragraphs I talked about obeying a lifestyle of dietary restriction. I talked about practicing Intermittent Fasting.

And that my friends, is the greatest weight loss hack that you can ever have in your arsenal. That one weapon that is so effective, that it hardly falls short.

And this is the default mode you would always find me in whenever I am in a weight loss journey.

Because it is a lifestyle that I am seriously into.

I come from a family of diabetics. And we are all overweight. It is a common trait scattered about in the extended family.

And so, I like staying on the lean side. A physique that informs me that I am not that close to benefiting from a family curse.

With Intermittent Fasting as a way of life. I am afforded the extra advantage of having my body use every calorie that I take in, properly.

I don’t get to store any unwanted fat. And this is because intermittent fasting as a practice causes automatic caloric deficit.

With proper dietary change comes cleaner foods that already have those extra fats subtracted from them.

And the fact that Intermittent Fasting only allows for a limited feeding window, indirectly prevents over eating during those times.

Which in it self creates a smoother operating field for the black tea. The black tea comes in and discover that more than half of the work has already been done.

At this level, it is evident that I have combined both intermittent fasting and dieting (cleaner foods) to the black tea tag team. Which will further boost the efficacy of the black brew.

4. Body Exercise

Another important aspect of how I go about loosing weight is tied to body exercises.

I try as much as I can to lift weight every week. Concentrating on my chest, back, arms and legs.

I am not a very cardio kind of person. Thus I don’t favour running or any of those means.

Weight lifting is my favorite means of putting my body under stress which is a good thing, because I intend building muscles eventually, for aesthetics reasons.

If you are the cardio kind of person then running and jogging should be sufficient.

The only kind of exercises related to cardio that I can indulge in is HIIT. Which is also very effective at burning fat. It is a group of fast paced body exercises that I use and recommend.

What I try to do with my weight lifting routine is to work each body part twice a week.


So on a default level when using black tea for weight loss. I always combine it with proper dieting, intermittent fasting and body exercises.

That way I know that the black tea would be able to do its work efficiently because I have already lifted some of the weights by abiding to an healthy lifestyle.

The whole idea is to help you understand that when it comes to weight loss, it is always better and more efficient to combine more of everything that works.

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