Why Am I Fat? My Own Discovery

  • I asked myself, “why am I fat?”. And discovered that genes, overeating and late night carb meals were part of the problem.

Have you ever heard yourself cry out in despair “why am I fat?”. Which in most cases is a reaction from being frustrated at how easy it is to pack on fat.

This is one question that we get to ask ourselves eventually in the face of an unrelenting weight gain despite our best efforts to cut back on all the wrong foods and lifestyle.

It is an important question. One that we all need to ask, especially when confronted by fat gain that we just can’t explain.

It was that very question that led me on the path of self discovery. It afforded me the chance of getting to know my body type and how it reacts to building up and loosing weight.

And ever since I have come to master control over my body and getting trimmed down at any given time is now so easy that I sometimes indulge in fatty foods without too much fear of exploding.

That question gave me answers and now I know what foods to avoid and when to avoid them and that is a major part of my weight loss success.

In fact, I know why I am avoiding them.

Why Am I Fat?

1. Genes

I come from a family predisposed to weight gain. It is so easy for my family members to put on weight. As fast as a loaf of bread soaked in water.

Little wonder that we are victims to diabetes and other health issues associated with being overweight.

It is very easy to count the few skinny family members, who are lucky to be outside this categorization.

The majority of family members tend to pack on fat even when the meal consumed is not that much.

I know a family member that constantly deprives herself of the pleasures of constant meals and yet is always fatter than the rest of us.

And as you can imagine, the frustration is real.

So on a basic level, the question of “why am I fat?” Sent me on the journey of first investigating the adiposity history of my family and discovered that our genetical makeup favours weight gain.

It is a documented fact that more than 400 different genes are tied to the origin of becoming overweight or obese, with just a few doing the most damage.

This genetic influence on weight disorders affects people differently. With studies suggesting that for some people, genes account for just 25% of the predisposition to be overweight, while for others the genetic influence is as high as 70% to 80%. 

And I fall into that 70% to 80% group.

And this is one of the reasons why tea drinking has become a necessity amongst my family members. And drinking black tea for weight loss is now a staple.

It is also part of the reason why I now practice intermittent fasting. I have seen too many out of shape family members and the sad reality that follows, enough to understand that the only way to not become a victim is to implement a permanent change of lifestyle. 1

2. Availability Of Food

Why am i fat

This post on “why am I fat?” Is basically about the different periods in my life that I was obese. And what I discovered was responsible for the serious weight gains.

Two years ago I relocated to Port Harcourt, and was staying with an aunt. A rich family that have deep freezers always filled with red meat, cat fish, chicken and all kind of animal proteins.

It was food galore for me. I love food and I always seem to have an appetite no matter the quantity of food I may have already consumed.

But here is the thing. I was rapidly putting on weight despite the fact that I was on intermittent fasting.

An experience that taught me a valuable lesson. Which is, overeating the wrong meals even while practicing intermittent fasting will frustrate the weight loss agenda of the fast.

I was consuming more than half a kilo of chicken a day, with added red meats in almost the same proportion, if not more.

And I wasn’t eating them alone. It was always with lots of simple carbs like rice, indomie and EBA (a Nigerian swallow, made from grinded processed cassava, an highly dense carbohydrate meal).

The availability of food became my undoing. I became larger and less attractive as a male.

It was a nightmarish lesson but one that taught me about the evils of overeating the wrong foods and why a cleaner meal with less saturated fats and carbs in it is the best way to go.

It was during this time that I started calculating calories. I measure what I take in on a daily basis.

The period taught me to avoid too much red meat and eventually eating red meat became an obsolete practice.

But in all, the period taught me about the need to plan my meals. In other words dieting became part of my life.

It was the question of “why am I fat?”, that aided me in finding out the root cause of getting overweight during that period. At the end of which, dieting became part of my lifestyle.

Because of that question, intermittent fasting and dieting (cleaner meals) is now a lifestyle.

3. Eating Carbs At Night

This is by far the most obvious reason why I get suddenly fat. I have seen people eat a truck load of meals at night and wake up the same.

But that is not my case.

When I eat carbs at night, I wake up the next day with a face as round as a ball.

And this was before I became an intermittent fasting person.

And on a general level I have discovered that eating carbs the way Nigerians do, is a sure recipe for some serious weight gain.

And it is made worse when I consume a carbohydrate meal at night. The result, is a swollen face the next day morning.

In fact when I eat carbs at night, it immediately negates every weight loss gains I must have made, days prior to that night meal.

So I no longer eat carbs at night and even more, I no longer eat late at night. It is now a permanent “NO” for me.

I start eating at 5pm every day and make sure that I am done eating before 8pm. And it works like a charm.


Because I was able to ask “why am I fat?”, on different occasions when obesity became an issue in my life. I was able to get to the roots of why i was gaining weight on those occasions.

And now I diet, practice intermittent fasting and no longer eat late at night. Now add weight lifting to that list and you would understand why loosing weight seems easy for me.

So what are you waiting for?

Ask the questions, get the answers and start making those permanent lifestyle changes.


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