Omad Diet Results 1 Month Experiment

  • This Omad diet results I month post is to chronicle my journey as I try out Omad for one full month.

Many people are now quite aware of what Intermittent Fasting is and how it can be utilised for achieving great weight loss results.

It is now an accepted form of dietary lifestyle. And more and more people are embracing this very healthy culture that can really help us stay lean through life as humans.

But there is another level to this practice of food restriction tied to a fasting and feeding window.

Another level of fasting, in which the time frame allocated to feeding is tied not necessarily around time but a single meal for the day.

They call this level of intermittent fasting, OMAD. Which in full means, ONE MEAL A DAY.

What Is Omad?

OMAD is simply a One Meal A Day intermittent fasting routine that demands a 23 hours daily fast, with just a one hour window allowed for a large single meal.

In other words OMAD is a stricter form of intermittent fasting.

And with this feeding lifestyle, one meal a day is all you can defend on, every 24 hours.

The whole idea behind this post is to experiment on feeding on just one meal a day and hopefully write an OMAD diet result 1 month chronicle page on this blog.

I have experimented with OMAD on several occasions but not consistently. As most of you already know, I practice intermittent fasting as an integral part of my general lifestyle.

So there are days when I only eat one meal. And it happens occasionally, which means I know what it takes to eat just one meal a day.

But this time around, eating just one meal a day would be carried out based on the conscious decision to use it as a weight loss tool, lasting for one full month.

I will be documenting the journey. From what the single meal for the day was all about and maybe with an image attached to it.

If I notice any side effects, that would also be added to this post.

At the end of every 10 days I will take a photo of myself and upload it, so you can also objectively track my progress.

Which means this post would be divided into 3 parts of 10 days, of weight loss assessments.

On this blog I want every weight loss claim to have a factual proof of whether or not it is effective.

And I would be using myself as the laboratory rat, to test out some of these weight loss claims.

And this post is the first of many.

Omad Diet Results 1 Month Experiment

Week One 4th Aug –

So this is where I get to document the start of the OMAD diet results 1 month experiment. And I am hoping it encourages you to start your own journey.

By providing you with materials to work with. What to expect from the journey as a whole.

The meals I would be feeding on would be on the moderate side I guess. I would try to have a constant supply of protein and carbs, since I would also be lifting weights on the side.

The aim of carrying out this OMAD experiment is to see how effective it is with burning fat.

I am not going to focus on any other benefits that OMAD would bring to the table along the way.

I might simply just height light these benefits whenever I experience an objective proof of their existence.

But the primary aim is on weight loss and that is what I will be seriously focused on.

I used the first three days of August to feed on some unhealthy foods like excess sweetened soda drinks and carbs and I have already gathered some fat from that.

It is currently 2:26 PM and I am still observing my fast and i intend breaking the fast at 5 PM.

I usually drink black tea for weight loss and so far, I have consumed just I cup of black tea and two cups of black coffee.

I drink Lipton black tea. It is cheap and gets the work done and it is a brand that I can easily recommend.

I would not be lifting weight today. But would be logging some minutes to an hour of chest and back exercises tomorrow.

Omad, omad diet results 1 month

This is how I look at the start of the OMAD experience. My stomach is relaxed and fully extended.

I want the OMAD diet results 1 month experiment to start with this images.

OMAD, omad diet results 1 month

I want these images to serve as the starting point of this whole narrative of burning fat through OMAD and how effective it is.

I broke my fast by 6 PM and my meal is on fire. And it is almost ready.

It is a simple meal. A combination of pinto beans and white rice and 2 boiled eggs 

Omad, Omad Diet results 1 month,

I like combining foods!

And the combination of rice and beans is one of the cheapest complete protein on the planet.

And it is a very good source of fiber.

So that is it!

This how the day is going to end. We have started the journey together and together, we shall be learning from the experience.

And before I forget!

I checked my weight today and I weigh 100 KG. Which is on the large side. I have  stayed in that range for up to 3 months now.

Since after getting there from above an 120 kg.

This is where we shall be counting the weight loss from.

Wednesday Aug 5th: Today is the second day of my OMAD diet results 1 month experiment. 

And just like yesterday I broke my fast at 5 PM and I ate porridge pinto beans and sweet potatoes as my meal for today.

I was also able to spend just 30 minutes working out today. I lifted weights, with focus centered on chest press and barbell rows.

I am lifting weight so that I don’t become too thin as I experiment with various weight loss methods on this blog.

Since building muscles is also a phase I would love to successfully go through.

As per the meals I eat. There would be simple, and I will be having more of plant based foods on my plate.

But there would be days when the food recipes would take some serious fatty upgrade and even that would be okay.

For starters I want to really watch what I eat.

On this omad diet results 1 month experiment diary, I will try as much as possible to not bore you guys with petty details.

Thus I would be limiting the mentioning of foods I eat if I have already made mention of that meal before.

Thursday Aug 6th: I tried correcting a huge mistake I made when starting out on this journey.

Which is simply the failure to measure my waistline. 

So I did.

And the size of my waist line is 39 inches and some.

This is one area I would really love to see quick changes.

I also worked on my biceps, using a single dumbbell. And i would be making a post on that soon.

Because I would love to see what it would look like when I train my biceps for one whole month, straight.

Friday Aug 7th: I started the day with a mug of black coffee. And then logged an hour of walking round the university campus near me.

Saturday Aug 8th: I decided to add body squats to this weight loss journey. Bit it was just 50 reps.

I also walked round the university campus for an hour. Just like I did on Friday.

Which means one hour walk everyday and 50 reps daily body squats would now be a theme of this whole process.


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