10 Weight Loss Foods To Eat

  • Weight loss foods to eat that can help burn fat include, beans, eggs, oats, unripe plantain, fatty fish, boiled potatoes and Avocado Among others.

There are many Weight Loss Foods to eat that are filling as well as delicious and can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

The problem with a lot of people and Nigerians in particular, is that they are not very selective of the food they eat.

They want to loose weight but can’t manage a strict diet protocol. Little wonder the fat keep adding up.

I believe the best weight loss foods to eat are plant based meals. I am not saying you should make any drastic changes just yet.

But making plant based foods the bulk of what we feed on, on a daily and consistent basis. Can really change how our body’s uses and store fats.

There is another post I made on how to structure a cheap weight loss diet plan. I think you would find it interesting.

Meanwhile our focus is on those weight loss foods that can help us in regards to our appearance.

The list will be dominated by more plant based foods and with just few animal sources of nutrients and protein, added to the list.

Weight Loss Foods To Eat

1. Beans

It doesn’t matter what kind of beans . The bottom line is that beans is good for you.

It is a plant base protein source, that comes with lots of fiber and nutrients that promises to keep you healthy while helping you to eat less.

Beans are often referred to as the poor man’s meat and believe me when I say it is very good for your waistline.

According to a study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Eating one serving a day of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils could contribute to a modest weight loss. 1

The meta-analysis looked at 21 clinical trials involving 940 adult men and women, who lost an average of 0.34 kg (0.75 pounds) over six weeks with the addition of a single serving of pulses to the diet — and without making a particular effort to reduce other foods.

“This new study fits well with our previous work, which found that pulses increased the feeling of fullness by 31 per cent, which may indeed result in less food intake.” said Dr. de Souza. 

“Though the weight loss was small, our findings suggest that simply including pulses in your diet may help you lose weight, and we think more importantly, prevent you from gaining it back after you lose it,”

2. Oats

You want to loose weight then make oats part of your breakfasts plan. It will keep you full or satisfied longer than any other breakfast porridge.

Oats are high in the soluble fiber beta-glucan, which can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promotes healthy gut bacteria and increases feelings of fullness. 17

Oat meals is also able to activate the gut hormone peptide YY 3-36, which is a satiating hormone. 18 And can help keep hunger at bay for a while.


3. Apples

One of the most sweetest plant food on our list of weight loss foods to eat is the humble apple.

The weight loss benefit of apples is tied to their fiber content. Pectin to be precise.

Pectin is a fiber and is found in the cell walls of many plants and is particularly abundant in apples. 

This study show that pectin induces satiety and delays gastric emptying in obese patients. 15

Another study showed that pectin in doses as small as 5 g mixed with orange juice increases satiety and can aid in a program to reduce weight by limiting food intake. 16

4. Unripe Plantains

Unripe plantains are a rich source of fiber, vitamins A, C, and B-6, and the minerals magnesium and potassium.

The fiber it contains helps in encouraging fullness, slowing down digestion, and this facts show how it may help manage cholesterol.

Plantains are rich in a type of fiber that helps you feel fuller longer. 14

Unripe plantains are a good source of resistant starch, which is a type of dietary fiber that helps you feel full, doesn’t raise blood sugar, and feeds the good bacteria that keep your gut healthy. 

Weight Loss Foods To Eat

5. Fatty Fish

Fish is another good source of proteins and as we already know protein can help us stay fuller for longer period of time.

Fatty fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids, which may help you lose body fat.

Consuming fish oil can also make it easier to harvest this weight loss benefit of omega-3 fatty acids. 13

According to a study, 6 weeks of supplemental fish oil significantly increased lean mass, and significantly reduced fat mass in healthy adults.

6. Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes can help with your satiety level. In fact, boiled potatoes have the highest satiety rating among all the foods measured in one study. 11

The Satiety Index score produced by boiled potatoes was seven-fold higher than the lowest SI score of the croissant.

Another study was also able to show how filling potatoes can be but this time around it was combined with eggs, which we have also mentioned on this list of weight loss foods to eat.

According to the study, white potatoes with eggs increased satiety, decreased short-term FI, and resulted in similar energy intakes compared with meal skipping. 12

7. Avocado

Avocados contain fiber, lutein, and vitamin E, and they are a rich source of MUFAs. 

A study showed that just by adding half of a Hass avocado at a lunch meal can boost satiety levels for up to 3 and 5 hour period in overweight adults. 8

Habitual avocado intake is associated with a lower prevalence of excess weight.

While higher amounts of habitual avocado intake are associated with lower odds of becoming overweight and/or obese. 9

Daily Hass avocado consumption as part of a hypocaloric diet has been shown to supportweight loss, a decrease in serum HGF, and an increase in the abundance of bacteria involved in plant polysaccharide fermentation. 10

8. Chilli Pepper

One can easily associate its hotness to an higher metabolic rate.

The presence of Capsaicin is what does the magic when it comes to chilli peppers.

It causes the body to release hunger killing hormone known as serotonin.

Metal analysis findings suggest that daily consumption of capsaicinoids may contribute to weight management through reductions in energy intake. 6

In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study of ninety-one moderately overweight subjects.

Subjects were divided into a capsaicin (135 mg capsaicin/d) and a placebo group. 

The results showed that capsaicin treatment caused sustained fat oxidation during weight maintenance compared with placebo. 7

Personally, pepper is a one very necessary spice that cannot be subtracted from your list of weight loss foods to eat. It is highly essential.

9. Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef can help you loose weight because of its protein and nutritional content.

Grass-fed beef usually contains less total fat than grain-fed beef. Which means grass fed beef contain lesser calories. 3

Grass fed beef also contains up to five times as much omega-3 than grain fed beef. It also contains twice as much CLA as grain-fed beef. 4

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid found in meat and dairy. Im several animal models of obesity and in some humans, it has been shown to reduce adiposity.

In one study it was discovered that CLA supplementation among overweight adults significantly reduced body fat over 6 months and prevented weight gain during the holiday season. 5

10. Eggs

Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats which can make you feel full with very low amount of calories.

One study of 30 overweight women was able to show that eating eggs for breakfast, instead of bagels, increased satiety and made them eat less for the next 36 hours.

It was discovered that, compared to an isocaloric, equal weight bagel-based breakfast, the egg-breakfast induced greater satiety and significantly reduced short-term food intake. 2

All the above mentioned foods are healthy and should be eaten in moderation.

When it comes to weight loss foods to eat, moderation is still key even when the foods are the most weight loss friendly out there.

Eating too much should never be an option on the list of people who want to get trimmed and remain that way.

We all need that list of weight loss foods that we trust is not working against our weight loss goals

Obesity is bad on every levels and if it means just feeding on some selected foods in order to stay healthy, then so be it.

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