My Weight Loss Journey

  • This post on my weight loss journey is all about my weight loss progress from 143 kg to a waist line under 40 inches.

I have always carried extra body fat around. And somehow even before it became a deliberate decision, I had always managed to burn those fatty layers on my frame whenever I feel the need to.

It has been a journey of gaining weight and loosing it all. And then the circle restarts itself all over again.

But because it was not a feat i thought deserved documentation, I didn’t bother to take down my measurements or photographed my weight loss progress.

But not any more.

Now I have this blog and I intend to document my weight loss journey for the world to see and learn from.

Obesity is a dangerous side chick and should be avoided by any means possible and this blog and my weight loss experiments can become the extra help you really need.

Loosing weight became an issue for me when I discovered that my family have a long history of being overweight.

And that diabetes is the major cause of untimely deaths among my people. My dad was also a victim.

So I decided to take a stand and ever since I have tried to stay healthy by making sure I don’t become obese.

But it is not an easy journey.

And this is due to the fact that I am a natural food lover. In fact I like to believe that I am in a life long relationship with food.

The only difference is, I am now in charge of the relationship. I have laid down rules so the romance does not put me at a disadvantage.

And this post on my weight loss journey will document this relationship and how I am able to navigate through the various Food Temptations.

My Weight Loss Journey

1. Intermittent Fasting

Dieting didn’t make sense to me until I stumbled upon the concept of food restriction through intermittent fasting and that was how loosing body fat became an exercise that was worth my time.

I loved the idea of not eating for hours and then be able to eat what I want during a feeding window.

It felt so natural and so it was easy to follow through.

My Weight loss journey

This image above was the start of my intermittent fasting journey but because I wasn’t trying to show anyone my progress, I didn’t bother to take full images.

Which is about to change because I will be experimenting with various weight loss practice on this blog. And this post and many others would feature images of those individual journeys.

My weight loss journey

I take photos of my face a lot because that is one area that easily displays signs of weight gains.

And practicing intermittent fasting was all I needed to maintain a lean frame and a face that I am proud of.

But sadly, I didn’t take full images of this particular journey. It was always my face.

I hate wearing a round face. It is unattractive and greatly vexes me.

My weight loss journey
2015 during my youth service in Ekiti State.

In Ekiti state during my NYSC, I used intermittent fasting as a weight loss tool and was able to bring out my cheek bones, as well as slim down.

These different periods proved that intermittent fasting was effective. And these days, there is no weight loss journey without including IF.

2. Between 2018 and 2019

My weight loss journey

I relocated to Port Harcourt in April of 2018. Started work as the manager of a unisex beauty salon.

It was a period in my life that I actually lived a fully sedentary lifestyle. I was always seated. And was always eating.

The image above is how I look like whenever I am consciously putting weight gain at bay. And that was the frame I came to Port Harcourt with.

Then the availability of food in excess and a sedentary lifestyle changed all that.

I became this person.


This is 2018! I had grown excess belly fat that I could no longer tuck it in even when I wanted.

And the face was already round and later became a full blown balloon.

It was a period in my life that I discovered weight gain can lead to body pains.

That is me on the right with a red tee shirt, my elder brother and my aunty. This was middle of 2019

On days I try to walk home after work, are days I would pant as if I was running away from something. Walking had become a tiring human experience for me.

I hated to see my face grow fat but I was helpless because I was eating too much even on days I practice intermittent fasting.

But it was the sedentary lifestyle that made it worse!


So between 2018 and 2019 I was a very fat individual that was unhappy with his shape.

And the weighing machine said I was 143 kg at this point in my life.

3. OMAD Diet Results 1 Month Journey (2020)

I no longer work at the salon since September of 2019. I am now fully into helping people loose weight. I now work in a gym.

And I have tried through intermittent fasting and other methods to burn those unwanted fats to a degree.

So this week, on the 4th of August I decided to take my weight loss journey to another level.

By practicing OMAD.

Which is simply eating One Meal A Day for 30 days (a month).

I ate all kinds of foods so as to pack on more body fat before starting the journey and this is how I look with my stomach fully relaxed.

My weight loss journey
August 4th 2020

I currently weigh 100 Kg, with a waist line of 39 inches and more.

And the idea behind this OMAD journey is to see belly reduction as well as loosing some inches round my waist and importantly dropping some of that KG before the 30 days journey reaches its end.

If you would love to follow the complete journey of my OMAD diet results 1 month experience then follow the link.

I will be updating this part of this post with results from the OMAD journey. The same way I would be updating it with all my weight loss experiments.

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