Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss?

Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss?

  • Black tea help improve cholesterol levels in individuals at risk of heart disease or obesity.
  • Black tea helps with weight loss by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the body.

I wanted to make a post that answers this question directly. The one I made on Lipton black tea is now a post that is strongly tied to the Lipton Brand.

I wanted a post talking about black tea without any brand attached to it. And that is what this post is all about.

Personally black tea is one tea that I can confidently recommend to anyone that wants a cheap but effective brew for weight loss.

I know most people are more into green tea for weight loss but black tea is also a worthy ally in the fight against obesity.

My experience with black tea has nothing to do with research materials supporting its efficacy.

That part came later.

Black tea is a common tea in this part of Africa and I am guessing it is a general acquaintance even on a world wide scale.

Like I have already mentioned before on this blog. I drink Black tea a lot and I have experienced its weight loss benefit first hand.

Whenever I decide to loose some body fat, I make sure to add black tea to the list of weight loss tips to implement.

1. My Experience With Black Tea

It all started in school. And it was the first time in my life that people would make strong comments about my body size reduction during and after drinking a weight loss drink.

It was just a simple decision I made to drink black tea for that period, which should be about the exam period.

When I look back to those times. It is now obvious that my decision during that period was two fold.

The most obvious was the decision to drink black tea for an extended period of time.

And the second decision was that, I was unconsciously feeding on small food rations during that time as well.

I term it an unconscious decision, because it wasn’t a deliberate one.

I was going through a mental shift during that period and not eating as much as I would, under a normal circumstance became the description of my feeding lifetyle at that time.

It worked!

And I didn’t just realized that fact by looking into the mirror or applying other forms of body measurements.

It was the feedback from people that solidified what I was already seeing on my mirror and images.

Since then I have used it on and off. And that black brew has helped me a lot on my constant battles against weight gain.

2. Why The Black Tea Worked

Many people want to burn fat because obesity is bad to the point that it can greatly impact ones living quality.

But not many people understand that the battle against weight loss becomes a fair fight when we use multiple weight loss methods at the same time.

That was why it was so effective. That was why I was able to loose that much weight.

I was drinking black tea for a long period of time and during the whole stretch I was also eating less or as some would say, dieting.

In fact my feeding pattern during that period can be liken to an intermittent fast.

The above paragraphs when summarised describes the fact that I was able to make black tea for weight loss effective by adding another weight loss method (intermittent fast) to the the whole process.

Using my own case or experience. It is safe to recommend dieting as that additional weight loss weapon to be added to your black tea weight loss journey.

It does not make sense to be drinking a weight loss brew and still be eating too much. Overfeeding would negate the effectiveness of the black tea to burn fat.

So if you really want a clear answer to the question “is black tea good for weight loss?”, then I would recommend that you uphold other weight loss tips even as you use black tea as your main weight loss tool.

You can check out how I personally use black tea for weight loss.

Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss?

3. Studies About Black Tea And Weight Loss

This is the part where we get to write what the studies and research papers are saying about black tea and weight loss.

Black tea is made through a process called oxidation that turns the leaves from green to a dark brownish-black color. While black tea is a fully oxidized tea, green tea is not.

Black tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. From the same leaf that both green tea and oolong tea is made from and is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. 

And according to studies black tea may help lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the body.

A randomized study found that drinking five servings of black tea per day by individuals with slightly or mildly elevated cholesterol levels reduced LDL cholesterol by 11%. [1]

Another randomized 3 month study of 47 individuals. The effects of traditional Chinese black tea extract against a placebo on bad lipoprotein levels was measured. And the result was a significant LDL reduction in those who drank black tea. While those on the placebo did not share similar result, there was also no bad side effect recorded.

Leading researchers to conclude that black tea helped improve cholesterol levels in individuals at risk for heart disease or obesity. [2]

Consuming sugar causes the pancreas to secrete the hormone known as insulin, which carries the said sugar to our muscles for energy usage. But when we consume too much, the excess is stored as fat.

A test-tube study looked at the insulin-enhancing properties of tea and its various components. And it was discovered that black tea increased insulin activity more than 15-fold.

And according to researchers several compounds in tea, specifically a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate was responsible for the improved insulin levels. [3]

So is black tea good for weight loss? YES!


And it is Important to note that I don’t drink my black tea with added milk or sugar.

It is a protocol that I use even when I am using coffee for weight loss.

So the rule would be to drink black tea without milk or sugar, in combination with dieting or exercises.

I believe the question: “is black tea good for weight loss?”

Was properly answered and I believe that it is only fair that you share the content amongst family and friends.

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