Naturally Healthy Talk is basically about weight loss even though we shall be discussing other health topics as well. The desire to run an health blog is based on the need to lend my expertise to a subject that i am very familiar with. A condition that i have struggled with all my life.

I have always been fat and because i come from a family of diabetics, the fear of my health deteriorating has stayed constant. I was so fat that that sleeping at night was a very big issue. The back pains although always excruciating were multiplying while my self esteem seemed to be on the decline with every inch added to my waist line.

But all that changed in 2015. That was the year, i took intermittent fasting very serious and in just two weeks i had lost so much, that my cheekbones were now visible. I felt sexy and confident again!

That would be the start to a new page in my life. I would begin to take conscious steps towards what i eat and when i eat. For more than a year i would stop eating meat. I cut off the sugars, sodas and i even reduced my carbs intake. It was a new journey and i was enjoying every new mile and the discovery that came with it.

But my personal victory felt insignificant because of a family of overweight and obese loved ones. Some who would later die of diabetes. I tried telling those close to me but to no avail, that “when an individual predisposed to diabetes(like members of my family) has excess weight, the cells in the body become less sensitive to the insulin that is released from the pancreas by type 2 diabetes sufferers” 1

And this is the kind of information we share here on Naturally Healthy Talk.

Many of them are unaware of the fact that being overweight is a precursor to becoming diabetic. My elder brother became prediabetic for a while and it was a serious family issue. The fear was real because diabetes killed our dad and getting by the same health condition was a real eye opener to how bad our health profile had become.

He would attack his body weight and size. It was dieting and healthy living from that point onwards. And that was when it occurred to me that helping people loose weight is a path i should follow. Because i know how to loose fat fast.

And that was how i became part of my local gym and the rest is history.

My method is a simple one. I get to provide my readers with contents that are scientifically proven to work, according to researches and studies. I put my personal experiences out there as well and help you understand why they worked and what you can do to replicate it in your own weight loss journey.

I would also be touching on diet plans, especially from the Nigerian perspective and how one can actually create a Nigerian weight loss diet plan that works. It is a subject that we would be discussing a lot because poor diet is the main reason many Nigerians are becoming obese.

It is a long journey of staying fit and i would love to have you, tag along.