Cinnamon and Diabetes Control

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​Am still on diabetes . And for that reason this post would be talking about another natural diabetes control bordering on cinnamon and diabetes. There are way too much Nigerians suffering from the disease despite the abundance of natural treatments that can help control the condition. Thus this post and consequent ones would […]

Fenugreek And Diabetes ControL

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​There are many kinds of natural treatments out there for diabetes. Treatments that share same space with the same effects, like the fenugreek and diabetes control effects we are about to discuss. A natural diabetes cure or control that falls into the same category as Cinnamon and Diabetes control . Like the other […]

Why Not Go For A Natural Diabetes Cure?

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​Are you diabetic ? Have you ever wondered about the many natural diabetes cure out there? Ok! I agree! A lot of these natural diabetes cure do not have the backings of your almighty science. But that does not make this natural cures ineffective or those who have used it and now proclaiming […]

Gooseberry And Diabetes Control

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​Still on the diabetes series. And with this post we shall be talking about gooseberry and diabetes. The effects it has on diabetes and if the merits are worth it or not. Like my other posts the format is simple as listing out the various merits that gooseberry has on diabetes. According to […]

Aloe Vera And Diabetes Control

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​By now one should have been expecting this, that the focus would soon touch on the relationship between Aloe Vera and Diabetes. We already know about its health usefulness in other areas but today we shall be exploring its health effect on diabetes. To see if it can be grouped under the natural […]

9 Foods That Reduces Blood Sugar Levels (Diabetes)

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk If you are diabetic then you should seriously start considering foods that reduces blood sugar levels . Those with diabetes have an unusual blood sugar levels and the need to always reverse this condition cannot be underplayed. Chronic high blood sugar levels can lead to heart attack, type 2 diabetes , stroke, dialysis, […]

The Harmful Effects Of Sleeplessness

​-Lack of proper sleep or sleeplessness can lead to heart attacks, stroke and lower bone formation.

-Sleeping for even less than 30 minutes in afternoon and eating peanuts was also discovered to improve sense of well-being and prevent future heart attack and stroke.

The Nigerian Health Sector Is A Mess

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​The Nigerian Health Sector is a mess. A living testament to that fact. One no sane Nigerian can dispute. The fault is both from the government and the medical practitioners that run these health establishments. On the part of the fault runs through the following routes. They are not funding the Nigerian Health […]

The Current Nigerian Health Status

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​The current Nigerian health status is that we are all sick as a people and no one is bothered with the eventual consequences. Unless a nation is healthy, nothing good can come out of it. And Nigeria is currently one of the most unhealthy nations on this planet. What is now the health […]

14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic

​The Amazing health benefits of garlic would remain an elusive reality for a lot of people because the smell would always be the obstacle on the part to its discovery.

A lot of people can’t stand the smell and thus would prefer to stay far from it.

21 Amazing Health Benefits Of Soursop

​​On this Post we shall be talking about the amazing health benefits of soursop with hope that you are motivated by it to start making it a staple.

As we already know Soursop is fruit with a peculiar taste but what is very peculiar about the fruit is that, it is a good natural ingredient against Cancer.

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