Male Birth Control Pills Could Be Possible, Thanks To A Deadly Plant Extract

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Scientists have discovered a chemical from a plant extract traditionally used by African warriors to poison their arrows. According to a new study, this chemical could be the future of the male birth control pill. Men may have a few options for contraceptive methods, but none of them works the same way as […]

High-Fat Diet May Fuel Spread of Prostate Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Obesity is linked to prostate cancer, scientists know, but it’s not clear why. On Monday, researchers reported a surprising connection. When prostate cancers lose a particular gene, they become tiny fat factories, a team at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston reported in a paper published in Nature Genetics. Then the cancers […]

Men’s Health: Masturbation Will Destroy Your Sex Life

Whether you like it or not be informed that masturbation will destroy your sex life.

It is sad when i hear people make claims that “masturbation is healthy”. Which I know to be a lie.

There is nothing healthy about masturbating to a vivid imagination made almost real by the strokes of our hands.

Masturbation i

One Of The Most Important Aspect Of Men’s Health Is Testosterone Levels

A man should be considered naturally healthy if his testosterone levels is not below normal standard.

A man is a product of testosterone and what shape our lives take on eventually is always tied to the level of testosterone that we have packed on in our system.

Men’s Health And Too Much Sugar Intake

men's Health

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Sugar is sweet but the consequences when it comes to men”s health cannot be ignored. The sugary substance we like so much is the reason for the many cases of obesity and diabetes worldwide. On this post we shall focus a bit on the various effects of too much sugar intake on men”s […]

Naturally Healthy: Too Much Sugar Can Harm Your Liver (Men)

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Naturally Healthy: Too Much Sugar Can Harm Your Liver (Men) According to a new research too much sugar might harm the livers of otherwise healthy men. It was discovered that sugar-rich diet was associated with unhealthily high levels of fat in both the blood and the liver According to lead researcher Bruce Griffin, […]

10 Foods For Harder Erection

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​– Natural foods for harder erection should be the best option than over the counter meds. – Potassium deficiency can ruin your sex life. – A harder erection can be attained by Making sure potassium, nitric oxide, Vitamin B6 and Zinc is a constant on your plate. There are foods for muscles as […]

6 Home Remedies For Weak Erection

​​Most of us men naturally understand the pain that comes from failing during sex without the woman telling us.

Weak Erection is a crime against a mans sense of manliness and thus it is only fair that we look for ways to avoid its embarrassment.
Today we shall be discussing on Home 

Oral Sex Can Give You Cancer

It is true that oral sex is great but that does not mean it is risk free. In fact it can lead cancer.

Oral sex is one of the most common ways to spread sexually transmitted diseases, like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and human papillomavirus (HPV), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

And when it comes to oral sex and cancer the culprit is HPV which depending on the strain contracted up your cancer chances.

12 Signs Of Prostate Cancer In Men Every Nigerian Must Know About

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A lot of Nigerian men stay ignorant until pains forces them to seek medical enlightenment. But that shouldn’t be you. There are signs of prostate cancer in men that we all must become aware of or else unnecessarily risk it all. Knowledge is power and when it comes to our health, this singular […]

Nigerian Men And Their Testosterone Levels

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk When it comes to Nigerian men and their testosterone levels, there is abundant fact that many don’t really care. They don’t care if there is actually a male hormone called testosterone or any such beneficial hormones. They live life very much on the artificial level when it comes to their health. Most of […]

9 Facts About Testosterone

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk We shall be making a list post on the *facts about testosterone”. With hope that it serves as some kind of go get resource on the subject which is very necessary knowledge for men out there. Read: 10 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Levels Without much ado, let’s begin. Facts About Testosterone. 1. Testosterone is […]

10 Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Levels

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Ever pondered about the symptoms of low testosterone levels? If you haven’t or wanted to but never had the chance until now, then this post is what you need to be educated on the matter. Read: What Is Testosterone? Testosterone is that male hormones that could make or destroy you depending on how much […]

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