African Sleeping Sickness Facts

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Still on the African Sleeping sickness trail, earlier today i made a post on African Sleeping sickness symptoms and on this one, we shall be talking about the African Sleeping sickness facts. Like we have earlier mentioned the African Sleeping disease is caused or rather transmitted by the tsetse fly. And it is […]

African Sleeping Sickness Symptoms

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Yesterday we wrote a post on the African Sleeping sickness and today we shall be listing out those african sleeping sickness symptoms that are commonly the face of the disease. According to Medplusline African Sleeping sickness symptoms include: Mood changes , anxiety Fever, sweating Headache Weakness Insomnia at night Sleepiness during the day […]

African Sleeping Sickness

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk African Sleeping sickness is also known as African trypanosomiasis. And According to Cdc. Gov: the disease is transmitted by the tsetse fly (Glossina species), which is found only in rural Africa. It is caused by protozoa of the species Trypanosoma brucei. The tsetse fly (genus Glossina ) is a large, brown, biting fly […]

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