Oral Contraceptives Can Reduce Risk for Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk The long-term use of oral contraceptives reduces the risk for ovarian and endometrial cancers, and the effect is especially evident in smokers, the obese and those who exercise infrequently, a new study found. Earlier studies have demonstrated an association of previous oral contraceptive use with reduced risk for these cancers in postmenopausal women. […]

Exercises Can Help Protect Against Heart Attack, Stroke and Cancer Even If You Are Obese

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Going for a brisk walk or bike ride each day protect against a heart attack, stroke and cancer – even for the obese and overweight, according to the first study of its kind. A study of more than 10,000 people found poor fitness was linked to higher levels of inflammation as well as […]

Night Shifts May Raise Women’s Odds for Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Women who pull the night shift regularly might be at greater risk for a number of cancers, new research suggests. “Our study indicates that night-shift work serves as a risk factor for common cancers in women,” said study author Xuelei Ma. He is an oncologist in the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and […]

How Chemotherapy Causes Diarrhoea in Cancer Patients


Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Cancer occurs when cells grow in an abnormal way. They divide uncontrollably, invade neighbouring tissues and sometimes spreading to other parts of the body.   There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Cancer can affect almost every part of the body including the tongue, lungs and skin. While science has been […]

Obesity Linked To 13 Different Cancers

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk If you think obesity should be taking for granted then you need to have a serious rethink. Findings from a new study suggest that being obese or overweight was associated with cancer cases involving more than 630,000 Americans in 2014, and this includes 13 types of cancer. “That obesity and overweight are affecting […]

Zinc May Help You Stop The Growth Of Esophageal Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk New US research suggests that zinc may halt the growth of esophageal cancer cells. This is however not the only research to look into the relationship between zinc and esophageal cancer as other previous research has shown that zinc can protect the esophagus from cancer, as well as being essential for maintaining human […]

For Elderly Women, Belly Fat Means Higher Risk For Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural Health Blog. Researchers who followed nearly 5,900 Danish postmenopausal women for up to 12 years were able to discover that abdominal fat was a bigger factor than body weight when it came to the risk of lung and gastrointestinal cancers. In other words, excess belly fat increases older women’s risk of some […]

Belly Fat Increases Cancer Risk in Older Women 

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk In postmenopausal women, excess fat around the trunk of the body has been linked to an increased risk of cancer. According to study investigator Line Maersk Staunstrup at Nordic Bioscience and ProScion in Denmark, central obesity — defined as high ratio of trunk fat to peripheral fat is what should be looked out […]

Scent Leaf Stops Breast Cancer Growth

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Earlier today I wrote a post on the amazing health benefits of scent leaf and this particular post is to compliment that earlier post. With this post the intent is to show according to studies that scent leaf stops breast cancer growth. A study titled “ Ocimum gratissimum retards breast cancer growth and […]

Obesity Now A Risk Factor For Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Obesity is now a risk factor when it comes to tumour growth and cancer. It is also a known fact that obesity increases the risk of inflammation, which has long been associated with cancer. Obesity is now believed to affect cancer cell metabolism and immune clearance, which is contributive to the growth and […]

Belly Fat According To Studies Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk There are many things that can lead to cancer and it seems belly fat is among that list, that is if we are to accept the findings of a new study. According to this study by Michigan State University it was discovered that fat in the body releases a certain protein that can […]

21 Amazing Health Benefits Of Soursop

​​On this Post we shall be talking about the amazing health benefits of soursop with hope that you are motivated by it to start making it a staple.

As we already know Soursop is fruit with a peculiar taste but what is very peculiar about the fruit is that, it is a good natural ingredient against Cancer.

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