Natural ways to prevent and cure Dementia

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural ways to prevent and cure Dementia Keeping health in its prime has become an everyday challenge since people are too busy to plan their diet and exercise according to a fixed schedule. Having gone through the benefits of Lecithin Granules while looking up for a cure for dementia for my aging grandmother […]

Too Much Salt in Your Food Can Cause Dementia

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Besides harming your heart, too much salt may also harm your brain and lead to dementia, researchers have warned. In mice, the high-salt diet reduced the resting cerebral blood flow by 28 per cent in the cortex and 25 per cent in the hippocampus — brain regions involved in learning and memory. This […]

Heart Attack Survivors More Predisposed For Later Issues Of Dementia

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk According to a new study heart attack survivors have an increased risk for developing dementia. Danish researchers studied 314,911 heart attack patients and compared them with 1,573,193 controls who had not had a heart attack. They excluded anyone who had already been diagnosed with dementia or other memory disorders. The study  in Circulation, adjusted […]

High And Low Levels Of Magnesium Linked To Dementia

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natural Health Blog: according to a dutch report, having magnesium levels that are too high or too low may put you at risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. “At this moment, magnesium levels are not routinely measured in daily clinical practice,” said lead researcher Dr. Brenda Kieboom, of Erasmus University Medical Center in […]

Less REM Sleep Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Dementia

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk According ​to a new study published in the August 23, 2017, online issue of Neurology , the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Your chances of suffering from dementia increases with the reduction of time spent sleeping, especially during the REM stage.  What is referred to as REM is that sleep […]

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