Can Bitter Leaf Cure Diabetes?

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk When it comes to the question ” can bitter leaf cure diabetes?”. A lot of nigerians would quickly say yes! It is that one plant that comes to mind when either diabetes or malaria is the health issue to be attended to. You hear of the plant in almost all traditional health centers […]

Longevity Protein Could Help Treat Diabetes

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Named after the Greek goddess who spun the thread of life, Klotho proteins play an important role in the regulation of longevity and metabolism. In a recent Yale-led study, researchers revealed the three-dimensional structure of one of these proteins, beta-Klotho, illuminating its intricate mechanism and therapeutic potential. The study findings, published in Nature, […]

Breast-Feeding Tied to Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Breast-feeding may reduce a woman’s risk for Type 2 diabetes, a new study reports. Researchers followed 1,238 women, average age 24 at the start, for up to 30 years. Each delivered at least one baby, and none had diabetes before the study began. The scientists collected data on health and lifestyle at interviews […]

Gene That May Cause Diabetes Identified

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Scientists have found a new gene which may prove to be critical in regulation of insulin, the key hormone in diabetes – from a family with both high and low blood sugar conditions.Diabetes is a group of diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood (high blood glucose). According to WHO, […]

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Found To Reverse Memory Loss In Alzheimer Patients

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A new drug intended for the cure of type 2 diabetes has been found to help with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The triple receptor drugs, that was  originally developed to treat type 2 diabetes, were tested on mice with severe nerve cell degeneration and scientists discovered that their learning and memory formation were […]

Bitter Leaf Water And Diabetes Guide

bitter leaf water and diabetes

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk In our effort to continue with a natural diabetes cure, we shall be making a post on bitter leaf water and diabetes guide. Through this guide the whole idea would be about how to extract the bitter leaf juice or water. A lot of people are of the opinion that when it comes […]

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

For informational reasons we shall be tackling the question WHAT IS TYPE 2 DIABETES?

Most people are aware of the disease but know little about it nor can they propertlly give an answer to that question.

Today we shall be asking and answering the question What is type 2 diabetes and I hope you learn a thing or two.

Native Scent Leaf Bitter Leaf Diabetes Cure

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk There is actually a brew called the scent leaf bitter leaf diabetes cure. As the name implies, it is the combination of scent leaf and bitter leaf. The brew is used over here in Nigeria by people suffering from diabetes and there are many celebrating its potency. To make the brew simply pound […]

Weight Gain During Pregnancy Can Lead To Diabetes

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Natura Health Blog. According to a new study conducted through the Medical Birth Registry of Norway it seems weight gain during pregnancy can do you some serious harm. I guess the kind of weight gain that is referred to is not the normal weight gain that is associated with a lot of pregnancy women. […]

Drug Set To Become The New Standard Therapy For Type 2 Diabetes.

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A new drug was so successful in its first trial that it is now being considered the new standard therapy for type 2 diabetes. The drug that is called semaglutide, is manufactured by Novo Nordisk. The drug it was discovered was able to significantly reduce glucose levels and body weight in about 1,200 […]

Link Found Between Less Sleep And Type 2 Diabetes In Kids

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Diabetes is as common as malaria in many Nigerian household.  As a disease it is feared and many preventive measures are now standing pillars erected to combat the menace. But not everyone knows about the link between less sleep and diabetes in kids. The study of more than 4,500 British kids found a […]

Bitter Gourd And Diabetes

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​​Have you heard about the bitter gourd and diabetes relationship before. Ok if you haven’t then I hope this post is helpful. As you already know there are many natural cures out there for the various health challenges affecting mankind. And even for diabetes there are natural fruits and veggies that can help […]

Cinnamon and Diabetes Control

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​Am still on diabetes . And for that reason this post would be talking about another natural diabetes control bordering on cinnamon and diabetes. There are way too much Nigerians suffering from the disease despite the abundance of natural treatments that can help control the condition. Thus this post and consequent ones would […]

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