Poverty As A Source Of Mental Stress In Nigeria

Health and Fitness is the same thing. If you are healthy then you are fit, if you are fit then you are healthy.

But being poor can threaten your health profile and when it comes to poverty there is hardly any cure that your favourite health and fitness blog can proffer.

Poverty is like HIV AIDS for a lot of people, there is no cure nor redemption.

And you can find this kind of people in great numbers here in Nigeria. And one thing they all have in common is Mental Stress.

New Study Confirms That Women Can Outlast Men In Exercises 

When it comes to health and fitness facts, the truth remains to be truly discovered because at the end of the day truth is ever evolving.

Meaning we must allow our minds to accept old facts while abandoning outdated ones.

And this post would help us do exactly just that by putting to rest the question of who is more stronger when it comes to men and women in the endurance department.

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