New Year’s Resolution and The Desire To Be More Healthy

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk To build a naturally healthy world, health living as a concept must be institutionalized world over as the most basic of human standards. And one time every year, that people are psychologically prepared to start all over again, is the start of the New Year. It is that time when humans make lists […]

The Nigerian Health Sector Is A Mess

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​The Nigerian Health Sector is a mess. A living testament to that fact. One no sane Nigerian can dispute. The fault is both from the government and the medical practitioners that run these health establishments. On the part of the fault runs through the following routes. They are not funding the Nigerian Health […]

The Current Nigerian Health Status

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk ​The current Nigerian health status is that we are all sick as a people and no one is bothered with the eventual consequences. Unless a nation is healthy, nothing good can come out of it. And Nigeria is currently one of the most unhealthy nations on this planet. What is now the health […]

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