South African Study Reveals Important Link Between Genes and Aids

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk HIV/Aids researchers have never understood why people infected with HIV developed Aids at different times‚ but now they suspect that it all has to do with their genes. A study by South African and US researchers has shed new light on how specific genes in people can lead to the faster progression of […]

3 Cups Of Coffee Could Help Reduce The Mortality Risk Of HIV And HCV

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk When it comes to certain diseases, some lifestyle habits could be the life changing decision that beats down the odds for us. And it is no different for both HIV and HCV. According to the research published in the Journal of Hepatology, drinking at least three cups of coffee and not smoking daily […]

Are You HIV Positive? Smoking Increases Your Chances Of Dying Of Lung Cancer

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Smokers who are HIV positive, who consistently take their antiretroviral medications may be far more likely to die of lung cancer than of AIDS, according to a U.S. study. “Today, the number one killer of people with HIV on treatment in the U.S. is not the virus, it’s smoking,” said lead study author […]

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