Water Drinking Contest Can Get You Killed

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk Water drinking contest may sound safe. After all it is merely all about drinking way too much water. But the sad truth is too much water can cause you some serious health issues which can even lead to death. When it comes to water there are two sides to the issue. The first […]

8 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Water

A lot of people are still ignorant of the side effects of drinking too much water. 

We are all occupied with the thoughts of this and that health benefits to be derived from drinking water that we are now drinking way too much.

But like all things else, too much of anything is bad.

2 Amazing Natural Ways To Be Healthy

2 Natural Ways To Be Healthy

There are various natural ways to be healthy, ways that would certainly reduce that bulging waist size, drop the sugar levels and make sure that the various organs in your body are at their best. The whole idea behind being healthy the natural way, is that you get to be healthy without adding more health problems on your plate along the way.

Pregnant Mum Drinking Tap Water Could Lead To Lower IQ In Kids

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk A new study suggests that prenatal exposure to this chemical may affect cognitive abilities and that children born to mothers exposed to high amounts of fluoride could have lower IQs. Tap water contains flouride and that is the issue. What the study is actually saying in summary is that as a pregnant mother fluoride is bad […]

5 Reasons You Should Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

Follow @Nhealthy_Talk After waking up, it is very healthy habit to drink water first thing in the morning. It would do your body some serious good, so good that it is advisable to make drinking water first thing in the morning a regular habit. Angela Lemond, national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, […]

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